Visiting Speakers

Michele Alacevich

Assistant Professor of History and Director of Global Studies
Loyola University, Maryland

Michele Alacevich is Director of Global Studies and Assistant Professor of History at Loyola University, Maryland.

Ariella Azoulay

Professor, Program for Culture and Interpretation
Bar Ilan University

Ariella Azoulay teaches visual culture and contemporary philosophy at the Program for Culture and Interpretation, Bar Ilan University.

Robin Blackburn

University of Essex

Robin Blackburn teaches at the New School in New York and the University of Essex in the UK. He is the author of many books, including The Making of New World Slavery, The Overthrow of Colonial Slavery, Age Shock, Banking on Death, and The American Crucible.

Susan Buck-Morss

Professor, Department of Government
Cornell University

Susan Buck-Morss is Professor of Political Philosophy and Social Theory in the Department of Government, and a member of the graduate fields of German Studies and History of Art.

James Chandler

Barbara E. & Richard J. Franke Distinguished Service Professor
University of Chicago

James Chandler is the Barbara E. & Richard J. Franke Distinguished Service Professor, Director of the Franke Institute for the Humanities, and Co-Director, Scherer Center for the Study of American Culture at the University of Chicago.

Frederick Cooper

New York University

Frederick Cooper received his PhD from Yale University in 1974 and is a professor of History at NYU. His research interests include modern Africa, empires in world history, colonization and decolonization, and the social sciences and the colonial situation.

Nick Cullather

Professor, Department of History
University of Indiana, Bloomington

Nick Cullather is an historian of United States foreign relations specializing in the history of intelligence, development, and nation-building.

Maria DiBattista

Professor of English
Princeton University

Maria DiBattista specializes in twentieth century literature and film, the European novel, and narrative theory.