Fellowship Opportunities

The Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities offers many fellowship opportunities for students and faculty, both here at Columbia University and abroad. 

  • Heyman Center Fellowship

    Established in 2014, The Heyman Center for the Humanities Public Humanities Initiative fosters and enhances community engagement with the humanities at Columbia and university engagement with Columbia’s diverse neighboring communities. Often collaborating with other Columbia centers and institutes, with local educational and cultural institutions, and with community organizations, it sponsors a wide range of programming, service, and research activities intended to interest and include audiences beyond the university.

  • Edward W. Said Fellowship

    Animated by, and aiming to promote, the spirit of Professor Said, this fellowship will support promising scholars early in their careers to produce scholarship that crosses disciplinary boundaries, promotes humanistic inquiry in the service of intercultural communication and understanding, and engages the public.Literary critic and theorist, political analyst and activist, spokesman without peer for the Palestinian cause: Edward Said was one of the most influential intellectuals of his time.  

  • Trinity Long Room Hub and Heyman Center Visiting Fellowship

    The Trinity Long Room Hub (TLRH)—the humanities center of Trinity College Dublin—and the Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities (SoF/HCH) at Columbia welcome applications from tenured and tenure-track faculty at Columbia University and Trinity College Dublin for jointly-sponsored short-term visiting fellowships. The TLRH and the SoF/HCH annually award fellowships to allow at least one member from each of our respective communities to take up residence (normally, for a period of four to six weeks, excluding the months of June, July, and August) at the other’s institution. Tenured and tenure-track faculty in the arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences at Columbia and Trinity College Dublin are eligible to apply. While Fellows will be essentially free to pursue their own research projects, they will be expected to interact with faculty, research scholars, and other visiting faculty and fellows who are also in residence during the time of the fellowship, and to give a few presentations of their work.

  • Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination

    Bringing together faculty from across Columbia University with thinkers, poets, artists, and composers from around the world in a year-long dialogue, the Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination hosts between fourteen and sixteen residential fellows annually. Asserting the ongoing power of the imagination in the formation and communication of ideas, it aims to foster new synergies between scholars and creative artists to their mutual benefit. The Institute also welcomes visiting scholars and faculty who wish to come for shorter stays in order to carry out their research, organize workshops and conferences, or curate performances and exhibitions.